Thursday, October 10, 2013

Circle Spin Cards

This card was made with the Frosted paper 
This card was made with Babycakes paper 
This card was made with Pro-Player and Laughing Lola paper 
This card was made with Sarita and Laughing Lola paper
This card was mad with Pro-Player and Sarita paper 
These are the cards that were designed for us at the CTMH convention in June (I am finally getting around to blogging again), so I can not take credit for the design of them. However, I did change a couple of them like adding the Merry and Bright stamp at the bottom of the Frosted card (this stamp set is a Hostess Exclusive). There are special mini stamps that were made just for these cards, they are only $2.95!  Notice how all the cards have the bronze shimmer trim, it looks great with different types of paper, doesn't it?

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